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We secure your business against potential threats across your entire technology infrastructure.

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Backup & Disaster Recovery

We prepare for disaster to make sure you can continue doing business even when the worst occurs.

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Email & Productivity Suite Solutions

We support, secure, and manage your Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace suite to minimize your downtime.

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Remote Work Solutions

We help you manage a scattered workplace, making sure your employees can work efficiently and securely from anywhere.

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IT Projects

We support you in your efforts to develop new IT strategies, build new infrastructure, or plan for the future.

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We help you keep track of your technology's life-cycles and help you upgrade when the time comes to ensure optimal performance.

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We configure, manage, and service your network to keep your devices talking. We keep an eye out for misconfigurations and monitor 24/7 for suspicious activity and slowdowns.

  • Discover and document the devices on your network.

  • Design and implement an upgrade to your existing network.

  • Rescue your network from years of neglect and haphazard design.

  • Monitor your network for unauthorized devices and activity.

Software & OS Patching

We regularly patch your most-used software and your operating systems to reduce your downtime waiting for updates, to secure your environment, and to maintain functionality.

  • Reduce your downtime and frustrations caused by Windows updates.

  • Keep your software up-to-date with the latest security patches.

  • Carefully update your networking and server infrastructure to keep you online and secure.

Computer Monitoring & Maintenance

We monitor your computers 24/7 for dangerous conditions and perform regular maintenance to keep things running smoothly.

  • Regular, care-free maintenance.

  • Monitoring of low disk space, high RAM usage, high CPU usage, storage drive life warnings, and more.

  • Scripted and automated fixes to issues before they cause further trouble.

Electronics repair & troubleshooting

We can provide out-of-warranty repair for most electronic devices, including laptops, tablets, smartphones, desktop computers, and more.

  • Your electronics are important to you. We have careful professionals who can fix almost any hardware issue.

  • We are honest with you about what to expect with a repair and whether the fix will be worth the expense.

  • Have an expert troubleshoot an issue that is plaguing your computing experience.

Electronics recycling and data destruction

We are a member of the Vermont E-Cycles program and a registered data destruction provider in the state of Vermont.

  • We can recycle many of your electronics for free, including computers/laptops, monitors, TVs, computer peripherals, and monitors.

  • We can permanently destroy any traces of your data left on your computers before you recycle them.

  • We can recycle electronics that are not considered Covered by the E-Cycles program for a small fee. Many non-covered and all covered electronics are not allowed to be discarded in the garbage in Vermont.

Strategic Planning

We act as your virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO) to keep your organization's eye on the future.

Strategy is vital. Where are you going if you haven't considered your strategy? We are your IT partner. Strategy Meetings and a living Strategic Technology Plan keep track of your tech, where it is going, and what needs to be considered or worked on in the future.

Strategic planning is standard with any managed service plan. If you just want someone to fix your computers or want one-time help on a project, block hours or a retainer for service are what you are looking for. We strongly recommend that anyone without a dedicated internal IT team obtain support through a managed service plan with strategic planning.

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