Co-Managed IT Solutions

We support your existing IT team.

Do you need Co-Managed IT?

A Co-Managed IT plan fills the gaps in your business's existing information technology support solution.

Is your staff overwhelmed trying to keep up with your technology?

Maybe you can't afford or find more IT professionals. Maybe your IT team needs help with specific tasks or systems.

Perhaps there are jobs that need to be done outside of your normal business hours, such as testing your backup systems or applying updates and your team would prefer not to work outside hours.

Perhaps your employees are stuck on call monitoring important systems but they want work to stay at work.

We can be the support for your support team, during or outside of your hours.

Do you need expertise that is expensive and hard to come by?

Some systems can be hard to backup. Computer networking is highly complex and keeping up with it can be tedious and time consuming when it gets out of hand.

Virtualization, Microsoft Intune and Autopilot, advanced configuration of Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace. Your business definitely requires at least some of these skills.

We can manage the systems that you can't be bothered to learn, or just can't find the right people to support. We are those people!

Are you focused on the day-to-day of IT and missing the big picture?

Planning ahead and strategy can be hard, especially when you don't have someone dedicated to learning what's out there or someone keeping track of every odd piece of equipment you rely on.

We can provide you with Strategic Planning services, acting as your virtual Chief Information Officer (vCIO).

Or maybe you have the opposite problem and your team needs someone to keep up with the day-to-day, in which case, we can supplement your technicians.

A Co-Managed IT Service Plan lets us take some of the burden while your team focuses on what it does best.

Let's build a custom plan, just for you!

1 — Schedule an assessment

We learn about your systems, assess the current state of your technology, and work with you to decide where your IT solution needs attention.

2 — Together, we design your comprehensive IT plan

Every business is different and every IT solution needs to be constructed accordingly. We make sure you have a solution that covers all of your needs and nothing more.

3 — We start supporting you

We put our time and expertise to work for you. You can get back to your work while we take care of everything else.

Let's get started!

Available services

Below are some of the services we can include in your plan. If the service is listed for everyone, you should have it in your IT solution, whether from us or your own IT team.


Who is this for?


IT support hours

Pre-paid or included hours for help-desk support, consulting, and/or technical service.



Included change requests

Additions, changes, and removals to existing IT components and environments included with monthly service, as long as the change request takes less than a set number of engineering hours to complete (typically 4).



24/7 workstation monitoring & regular patching & maintenance

Continuous monitoring and regular patching and maintenance of workstations.



24/7 server monitoring & regular patching & maintenance

Continuous monitoring and regular patching and maintenance of servers.

Everyone with a server


Network monitoring

Continuous monitoring of the health of your network and when unauthorized devices enter.



Network management and maintenance

Keeping network infrastructure devices patched and configured correctly for the greatest possible reliability.



Mobile device management

Pre-paid or included hours which expire at the end of the month.

Those who have mobile devices used for work or owned by the business


Web content filtering for workstations and servers

Security and content filtering on your workstations and servers to reduce what users and programs are able to access on the internet, including malware.

Everyone, especially those who would like to limit what their company’s devices are allowed to be used for


Managed endpoint detection and response for workstations and servers

Managed antivirus with incident response included.



Managed detection and response for Microsoft 365 for Business

Antivirus to protect your Microsoft 365 cloud environment from business email compromise.

Everyone who uses Microsoft 365 for Business


SIEM and XDR with compliance-level logging

Security information and event management (SIEM) and extended detection and response (XDR) to provide increased security and visibility for your entire technology stack, allowing for faster and more complete incident response and investigations and advance warning of ongoing cyberattacks.

Small to large businesses


Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace user backup

Backup of your cloud suite to protect against accidental or nefarious deletion or account lockout, or to meet certification or regulatory requirements.



Managed off-site workstation backup

Cloud backup of your workstations.



Managed off-site server backup

Cloud backup of your servers.

Everyone with a server


Managed on-premise workstation backup

Backup of your workstations to at least one on-site storage device.

Those who want backups of their workstations stored locally


Managed on-premise server backup

Backup of your servers to at least one on-site storage device.

Those who want backups of their servers stored locally


Disaster recovery

Backup of servers and/or workstations that can be quickly brought online in the cloud or on-premise for use, even in the event of full hardware loss.

Those who have mission critical on-premise servers


Printer management

Configuring and maintaining business printers.

Those who don’t have a dedicated printing solutions provider


IoT device management (TVs, smart devices, etc.)

Configuring and maintaining the various network connected devices you have.

Those who have smart devices they would like managed.


Patch management for specialized applications

Updating, for example, line-of-business applications such as SOLIDWORKS.

Those who have apps important to their business and want someone to take care of them


Email archiving

Long-term archiving of email in the cloud.

Those who need or desire a long audit trail of emails for regulatory, compliance, or other business reasons


SaaS activity discovery and monitoring

Discover the online services your employees use, monitor when personal accounts are created or used for business work, secure against account compromise and risky behavior, and more.

Everyone, especially those who use a lot of online software, have many employees, and/or could benefit from analytics showing where their employees are spending their time


Software as a Service (SaaS) management

Documentation, advice about, and management of your SaaS portfolio.



Microsoft 365 and/or Google Workspace management

Configuration and ongoing management of your Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace suites.



Strategic planning

Keeping you apprised of upcoming IT needs, assessing what you don’t need, and more.



Custom services


Don't have an IT team? You need a Fully Managed IT service plan instead.

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