Switching IT Providers

Improve your experience with technology.

Sometimes, you haven't found the right fit yet

Don't settle for lackluster service.

Your technology should work for you, and so should your technology service provider. We can help you navigate a change from your existing service provider to get you an improved IT experience as smoothly as possible.

Why consider switching to Comprehensive Computing?

Have a gut feeling your technology isn't being managed correctly?

You often catch yourself complaining about technology troubles.

Your technology experience is less than smooth and your current provider hasn't offered you a convincing reason why it has to be this way or you have done everything they asked but you still aren't happy with your IT. We have expertise that can dig into the toughest of problems and provide you with solutions. Our pricing model incentivizes making your technology work as smoothly as possible.

Business strategy is important to you.

You want a business partner who will take responsibility for the entire life cycle of your information technology solutions and plan ahead, keeping your interests and unique needs in mind. Your current provider operates on the break/fix model where you call them when something isn't working, and they just come in, fix it, and leave, but you would prefer someone get ahead of the issues.

You want problems fixed in a timely manner.

We respond quickly to your requests and offer service level agreements with all of our managed and co-managed IT service plans. If you want help right away, you can always call your technical support contact during hours, or an emergency support person who is on-call outside of hours.

You want support from a local, Bennington, Vermont business.

We are located right on Main Street in Bennington, Vermont making us local to you in Southwestern Vermont. We provide on-site support for the same cost as remote support to businesses 30 minutes away or less on managed or co-managed service plans. It is always easier to work with a local company than a large and distant firm.

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