Fully Managed (Outsourced) IT

Your very own IT department, no matter your size.

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What is Fully Managed IT Service?

Fully Managed IT service is the complete, tailor-made IT solution for your business.

Comprehensive Computing can be your IT department, your professional IT team.

Fully Managed service improves your technology experience, eases your worries about your technology, and puts you in a strong position for the future. And we are local to you in Southwestern Vermont!

Are managed services right for me?

Hiring your own IT professionals, calling a freelancer, or obtaining as-needed support time under a break/fix model from an IT company are all possible IT solutions that have their places, but Managed IT services are the right solution for most.

You need managed services if you identify with just a few of these

You don't have an in-house IT team

See Co-Managed IT if you do

It is not always feasible, nor is it always the best choice. Managed services provides you with exactly what you need and nothing you don't.

Your technology gets in the way often

Time wasted to problems reduces your employee satisfaction and your bottom line. It doesn't need to be this way! Your technology should work for you, not against you. Constant tech troubles are not a fact of life.

You need someone to keep up with your cybersecurity

Keeping up with attackers is a never-ending struggle and the consequences of a mistake can be dire.

Your business is growing

Scaling a managed services plan is simple and predictable. We already know how to support businesses at scale, so no matter how large you grow, we can grow with you.

Top-down view of a sitting person with a laptop on their lap with a person sitting on either side of them having a meeting.

You have essential business data

Your business's data is absolutely vital. Data loss could be difficult if not impossible to recover from and even temporary inaccessibility would be costly.

You need to comply with security regulations

Your business requires strict controls on access to network resources and data. You need someone to implement and enforce those requirements.

Nobody "owns" your information technology

You don't have anyone who is clearly responsible for your IT. When things are missed, it's not obvious who dropped the ball, and things are often overlooked because there is no leader or strategic direction.

You can't keep up with updates

You have no idea when the last time was that someone logged into your router and updated it. Your business fights with Windows updates on a regular basis. You need someone to keep up with important updates.

How can we help?

Save you time and money

As your Managed Service Provider (MSP), we bring you the experience and expertise of a team of full-time IT professionals in just a fraction of the cost of an IT department. We are equipped with the tooling, knowledge, and business relationships that can be built by a focused group of skilled specialists.

Improve the security of your data and business

No matter the size of your business, if you don't have well-defined, reviewed, and regularly updated security and recovery policies and strategies in place, you are vulnerable. We keep up with the multitudinal and growing requirements for maintaining the safety and security of your data, keeping you protected from ransomware, social engineering attacks, hardware failures, natural disasters, and more.

Be your ready-to-help IT experts

We are here for you to pick up the phone and call or send a text or send an email or submit a ticket online or... No matter your technology woe, as your MSP, we are ready to get you through it and solve the underlying issue so the problem goes away and doesn't come back. We don't just fix problems as you find them—we identify pain points and problems and fix them or alert you with a suggested course of action to make your technology experience as smooth as possible.

Be your strategic IT planners

We plan ahead for your future technology needs, keep you appraised of upcoming needs, manage your infrastructure, help you keep up with best practices, and offer you personalized advice and assistance. Strategy is key to success, and we are your experts in technology here to guide you.

Provide you with greater peace of mind

Our monitoring and response is 24/7. Rest easy at night knowing someone else is getting that phone call and responding when a priority 1 threat is detected in your environment. We carefully select the vendors and products we work with to ensure we (and you) can trust that there is visibility and alerting into any threat and a large team of experts working on it right away. Plus, we make sure your data is backed up and recoverable at all times.

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