Retainers and block hours.


If you have your own IT department, perhaps all they need is some assistance or advice on a regular basis. A retainer for a certain number of hours per month might be the right fit for you. Under this model, we only do what you ask of us specifically, and we usually cannot be very proactive. Strategy and planning is on you except if/when you request we spend some of our time focusing on it. If you don't have an IT department, we recommend a Managed IT service plan.

Block hours

Perhaps you need a large project completed but you don't have the luxury of paying for an assessment to determine the scope and exact cost. Or maybe you just need advice on a project you are undertaking yourself and you know how much of our expertise you need. Or maybe you need our help right now and you cannot wait to sign up for an IT service plan. You can purchase a block of consulting/service hours to get your IT project across the finish line or your emergency need fulfilled.

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